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"When you listen to Charles you hear the past as well the future, his brush work is absolutely amazing and the fact that he stays right in the pocket would make the masters proud, You want to know what 'good times' is? It's the way he played it, making the listener smile... you listen to that ride and the loose boogaloo vibe and you know Billy Higgins would be proud." - Gregory Hutchinson

"Charles Ruggiero and his stellar bandmates have created a truly enjoyable jazz album. A very rare thing these days!" - Peter Bernstein

"Ruggiero crushes. One of the hardest swinging drummers on the scene.” - Brian Charette

"I'm lovin' the record. I knew it was KILLIN when my daughter came out from her room and said to me 'That's the iCarly song!'” - Jonathan Blake

Excerpts from the liner notes

Show tunes have always been the perfect platform for jazz. The Great American Songbook - the standard repertoire - is almost entirely made up of music written for Broadway. There's a reason for that. Aside from being well known, the melodies were short, and the chord progressions strong, yet pliant... perfect for improvisation...

Well, it's not 1961 anymore, and although it is as popular as ever, the bright lights of Broadway have been dwarfed by the LED lights of the television screen. In 2015, the small screen reigns supreme. "Oklahoma!" has been replaced with "Dallas" and "On the Town" with "Sex and the City." Shows today are 13 episodes a season rather than 2 acts. Thankfully though, show tunes remain show tunes. Quick, catchy, malleable, and popular... Everything you want in a musical canvas.

Limited Edition Vinyl Available!

As Heard on TV

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I'm so excited to announce the release of "As Heard on TV" on Special Limited Edition Vinyl. Each album is pressed on high quality 140g vinyl and comes with a free digital download card. We've only pressed a small run of this fabulous recording. Listen to the music the way it was meant to be heard! $20 (plus $5 for shipping) gets you this very special item delivered right to your door.

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