If something is well made, it lasts. If it lasts long enough, it has the opportunity to remain relevant. When things remain relevant long enough they transform. They become Classic.

  The Beverly Hills Hotel is that way. Being there is like being transported to Hollywood when Hollywood was at its finest. The mint green and pink exterior gives way to their iconic 50 foot nameplate, letting you know you're in for a special stay. In 2012 Laura and I began what would be a long standing residency there. It was a wonderful. Palm trees, celebrities, and fancy cocktails were the set, and we were the soundtrack. Classic.

  These songs are that way too, so we treated them as such. Laura and I always talked about wanting to capture the spirit of our nights at The Hotel. We finally did. In January, we walked into a recording studio with a few of our friends. We set up our instruments and a few microphones, we picked out a few songs we liked and six hours later we walked out with this record. Classic.

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Charles Ruggiero meets Laura Mace